Change the World, One Child at a Time!
Train, certify & support staff, Parent workshops, Provide texts to 250 students
$3.29 a day
a full-time chaplain
responsible for discipling 500 students
$1.32 a day
Certify, train & support a teacher using the Mission Generation curriculum
$0.82 a day
life-changing textbooks
to a class averaging 20 students
$0.33 a day
Provide assistance
for an at-risk child so they can stay
in school
$0.16 a day
Jesus in School Changes Everything


$5 per Month

This gift might not seem much to you but five dollars a month adds up quickly especially in Latin countries. Five dollars a month could be the difference between a child going to school or not. The biggest reason for drop outs in Latin America is lack of finances. Poverty makes transportation back and forth to school and buying the necessary school supplies difficult.

When a child drops out of school they are left to care for themselves because generally parents are working to survive. The chance of that child becoming involved in drugs, gangs, prostitution, teenage pregnancy and sometimes even death is astronomical.

Your five dollars gives a student the chance to maximized their school experience. It not only prevents them from getting involved in dangerous activities but they also receive the opportunity to learn life changing values and skills offered in the Mission Generation textbooks.

Check out the Seven Principals in our textbooks

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$10 per Month

This gift delivers Mission Generation textbooks to an entire class, which is huge. When every student in the class has access to a Bible-based program, personal interactions inside the classroom change and it makes good behavior the new standard of “cool”. It’s so much easier to be part of a community where people believe and value the same things you do.

Your ten dollars allows every student in a classroom to share their thoughts and speak openly on the deeper and sometimes even sensitive issues of life, which would not happen without the Mission Generation curriculum.

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$25 per Month

This gift prepares a teacher to instruct students on the lessons in the Mission Generation textbook. Most teachers and students are not familiar with the foundation the program uses that causes an individual to develop moral values. Having a teacher who fully understands the content and how to apply it could entail the eternal salvation of all her students. The objective of the Mission Generation program is not only to impact students to have a successful life on earth but to live eternally in the presence of God.

Your twenty-five dollars provides certification, ongoing training and support for a teacher to use the textbooks correctly and wisely. You are changing the lives of the students in an entire classroom, their teacher and their families.

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$40 per Month

This gift provides a public school with a full-time chaplain. The success Mission Generation curriculum has with the textbooks in the public schools has paved an enormous opportunity for a full time chaplaincy program. Chaplains counsel the students (individually as well as in a group), give conferences, and visit the homes of the students to ensure each child is discipled in their walk with Jesus.

Your fifty dollars sponsors a full-time chaplain for one school averaging 500 students. It will cover a salary, transportation to and from school, means of communication, data, and it will allow a chaplain to whole-heartedly serve the school. The impact a full time chaplain has on a school is phenomenal.

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$100 per Month

This gift sponsors an entire school with an average of 250 students. It will give the program funds to provide government recognized certificates, ongoing training and support for the principle and teachers as well as a Mission Generation textbook for each student.

Having 250+ people talking about faith based issues and Jesus during regular school hours is almost unimaginable.

Your one hundred dollars will change the world by transforming the lives of the students in a school, who then change their neighborhood, rebuild their city, reform their state, impact their country, influence their continent and eventually revolutionize the world,

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What Role Will You Play in Changing the World?

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