When he was twelve years old, Rocky and his family took a summer vacation cross-country to visit relatives. During the visit, Rocky found a history book belonging to his grandmother from when she was a child. He was shocked to discover that the history in her book was different than the history in his schoolbook.

For Rocky, this unsettling find began what would be a journey to find truth. After reading history books from other English speaking countries, he discovered that history appeared to be subjectively based upon an author's political or religious beliefs or the necessities of the state. He would later learn that this politically correct history is called "historical revisionism". Feeling completely betrayed by the educational system he trusted to uphold truth, Rocky began to not only doubt its credibility, but to rebel against every kind of authority as well. This questioning of authority even also spilled over into issues of faith, causing him wonder “What if the Bible had been changed too?” By his high school graduation, Rocky was convinced that the only sure way to heaven was through martyrdom. While still in his early twenties he embarked on a quest to

discover the truth. He began with Luke 14:26 that states, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple". One day, without notice to family or friends, he packed a bag and left everything behind. Rocky would not return for eight years! Continuing on his journey for truth, Rocky took to the sea to understand the fisherman lifestyle of Jesus' disciples. Eventually Rocky would become a maritime officer. Later he worked in construction to understand why Jesus was a carpenter, and eventually became a general contractor. He even had special linen clothes made so he could live without carrying a purse or extra clothes as Jesus had instructed the seventy following Him in Luke 10:4.

For years Rocky traveled simply with a toothbrush and a comb. Throughout this "quest for truth" Rocky survived several near-death experiences including various attempts on his life. He was shot at, poisoned and drugged among innumerable other episodes. He lived in several countries, ran drugs and sold guns as a revolutionary, was also involved with government agents, all in an attempt to die for a cause, as misplaced as it was. Once he was sentenced to life in a Mexican federal penitentiary for conspiracy to overthrow the government, and at one point even ordered a federal officer to shoot him - point blank. After years of living as a social rebel Rocky was no closer to the truth than when he had started. Totally disillusioned and heartbroken he hit rock bottom.

Rocky’s whole life came crashing down one Sunday in the spring of 1986 while attending a church in San Diego, California. A stranger invited him to the large church of 5000 people, where Rocky finally met Reality - a person, not a thing. Jesus had been present the entire time. Rocky realized that all he had ever needed to do was simply surrender. Rocky began working in the church right away within the hospitality department and has continued in the ministry in one form or another ever since. After living wildly for so long it took him several months to once again learn how to behave in a civilized way. Part of his reentry into society was Bible school and cell group leadership, which helped prepare him to be a missionary along the Honduran/Nicaraguan border during the Sandinista war in 1989. Witnessing the realities of war, Rocky found his passion in helping the affected children. Years later this passion to help children would evolve into a passion for the school system.

While serving as a missionary, Rocky met his lovely wife Joske, who was also serving as a missionary to the region. After being married, Rocky and Joske founded Mission Generation in April 1990. They then returned to the Mosquito Coast of Honduras where they worked with government clinics for the native Indian population. They administered medical care, trained midwives and other healthcare professionals, vaccinated children, directed a sanitation project, directed a marketing program and coordinated regional child care while helping to repatriate the Nicaraguan refugees. Rocky and Joske would later move back to the United States, where in 1994-95, Rocky served as co-pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center in La Marque, TX. During this time he also worked as editor-in-chief of Ambassador, a world news magazine written from a missionary's perspective and taught at the Abundant Life School of Ministry, a Bible Institute. Rocky and Joske moved to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in August of 1995, and founded Iglesia Río de Vida (River of Life Church) in July of 1996. In 1998, they also founded Seminario Biblico Internacional SBI (International Bible Seminary), in 1999, Kid Faith, a Christian education project, which was later to be named Mission Generation, and in 2004, Faith Alliance - a ministerial organization.

Currently, Rocky and Yoske live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with their five children where they direct Mission Generation’s activities worldwide in cooperation with their Board of Directors in the United States. Mission Generation is an international school program currently in South America. We publish Jesus-centered textbooks that are fully accredited for use in public and private schools. Rocky’s goal for the program is to help others find the same truth he did in Jesus! Mission Generation’s curriculum is built around Rocky’s life experiences. One key to the program is - the curriculum never tells children what to do nor describes choices as good or bad. Like him, children resist having the values of others imposed on them. Instead consequences are described as being fruit from the “Tree of Life” or the “Tree of Death” (the knowledge of good and evil). Children are guided on a journey of discovery and allowed to make their own decisions based on Biblical principles. When children make their own decisions based on deductive reasoning, they defend those decisions and live by them, which is much more successful than creating rebels by trying to impose values upon them.

To date thousands of lives have been transformed by the power of truth - the reality of Jesus!


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