We use a proven strategy to share Jesus
with children worldwide.

What is Jesus’ will for you?

What happens with your investment?
How are you taking Jesus to the world?


It takes $25 a month to disciple 250 students.


For 2 billion of them, almost no one is trying to tell them

85% Of the Body of Christ today consists of people who received Jesus as their Lord and Savior between the ages of 4 and 14. It is difficult to imagine that school children, everywhere in the world, would never hear the name of Jesus or experience His saving grace. When this fact settles in, the question arises what can we do about this.

In the past three decades, Mission Generation has developed a viable approach of reaching the largest unreached people group inside of the public schools around the world. Where many have declared it impossible to deliver the Good News, many attempts to do so have failed, and very few organizations are trying; Mission Generation, with God’s help, has made record-breaking progress.



We invite people
involved in education.

We actively target individuals in education by word of mouth in new districts and nations around the world. We invite them to participate in the online training programs. Thousands are responding and signing up for the programs which are extended at no cost, to facilitate our strategy of reaching the students with the Gospel.


Then, we
train them.

We equip and train teachers, counselors, parents, or church members through two 128-hour courses given online to qualify as school chaplains. Those who pass the courses and fulfill the requirements receive a Post Baccalaureate diploma that certifies them as spiritual school counselors or chaplains that is acknowledged by teacher unions, school boards, and other institutions.


And, they spread
the Good News.

Schools assign chaplains designated rooms for counseling and prayer to minister to students, school staff, and parents. The chaplains and counselors spread the word of God one on one as well as in group settings.

We influence those in education until the saving grace of Jesus becomes
well-known, and students develop a personal relationship with Him.


For more than 23 years, we have been partnering with people like you to reach the students and the adults in their lives through public schools all over the world and introducing them to Jesus.
They deserve to know Him!

Within the last year, Mission Generation has celebrated the following victories:

9.5+ million discipled

People estimated to have been reached by the Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselors or school chaplains

319K+ views

People who viewed Mission Generation’s webinar training programs.

22 countries

The countries that certified Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselor or school chaplain.

0.10 cents/disciple

This is what it costs to reach and disciple one person for an entire year through a Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselor or school chaplain.

7,184 schools

This is the number of schools in which Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselors or school chaplains operate.

Disciple students
and the adults
in their lives.

Disciple classrooms of students and the adults in their lives.

Disciple entire schools of students and the adults in their lives.

We partner with hundreds of people that share our heart
to reach the children with the Good News.


We are committed to integrity.

82 Cents of every dollar you give goes directly to train and empower leaders within public education to spread the Good News about Jesus. With our training, supervision, and encouragement, their efforts ensure that the message of hope will reach the children.

Your prayers and gifts allow us to share the hope of Jesus with the unreached children of the world. Because we highly value our relationship of trust, we will send frequent updates about how your generosity is furthering the Kingdom of God.

We invest in believers and non-believers to spread the Gospel. If Christian teachers are required to teach worldly subjects and beliefs to students all around the globe, for sure a non-believing teacher can teach Godly subjects and concepts to the students. In applying this strategy, we create an opportunity for God to minister to any individuals who have shown interest in our training programs.

We have discovered that we are far more effective and quicker at reaching more people when we train leaders within public schools, who are more likely to be trusted and accepted culturally. Added to that, schools are like citadels protecting the students from any outside influences or dangers. It is difficult to enter and penetrate any educational institution as a stranger. Therefore training the teachers, counselors, and parents with our programs has proven to be a successful way of reaching the children.

Because Mission Generation brings the Gospel to their world, the schools, the opportunity exists of talking about Jesus every week, year in, year out. This ministry relationship can only end if we infringe disrespectfully on their trust or if the participants choose to cut off the relationship. Mission Generation’s programs minister to teachers, counselors, students, and parents on a weekly basis.

A little can go a long way when used strategically.

With Mission Generation, it takes $25 a month to disciple
250 students.

Truth is –




As we pray, we give God our attention and we become more aware of what He wants to do through us in reaching the lost. He gives us clear instructions to not interfere with letting the children come to Him.


Each tax-deductible gift goes to the discipleship of students and the adults in their life. Every dollar reaches ten individuals with the Good News. Gifts of any size make a tremendous impact.


Come and participate in person or virtually in our podcasts, zooms and celebrations. Invited speakers and ministry staff will give you updates on what is happening in education as well as what your participation is doing. Mission Generation encourages you to ask questions.

What is Jesus’ will for you?

Mission Generation provides you an excellent opportunity to implement Jesus’ will. Just before He departed, He said, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” (Matthew 28:19).

Jesus left instructing us

1) to go to the nations,

2) to teach… truth,

3) to baptize, leading others to identify themselves with Christ.

It would be an honor to have you join the force by reaching those most susceptible in our communities, our children, with the Good News. We are creating a tidal wave reinforcing God’s presence in schools so that children encounter actual and eternal answers to the adverse challenges they face, contributing to the transformation of their communities.

What happens with your investment?

Jesus said, “… lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.” — Matthew 6:19-20

Leverage is a business term that means “reach a large mass of people with the Good News of Jesus Christ on a tiny budget.” Mission Generation utilizes digital technology to leverage school facilities and faculties to deliver the Gospel to the largest group of unreached people in the world – school-age children. Leveraging existing infrastructure allows the ministry to maximize the impact of every penny and every minute of effort to represent the heart of our partners.

If you look into the ministry’s strategic philosophy, you may be surprised to find that the resources we leverage, institutional and human, are often worldly and sometimes even outright demonic. That’s right; Mission Generation utilizes humanistic and worldly resources to preach the Gospel. It is well established in the Bible that God uses the devil’s assets for His will. Numerous passages recount how the Lord turned the enemies’ resources on themselves; young David used the giant’s sword to cut off the giant’s head in I Samuel 17:51.

A great example of this concept is a Roman general who ordered his quartermaster to pack provisions for a two-day march. The quartermaster replied, “But master, we will not engage the enemy for three days.” “Yes,” the general replied, “That day, we will eat the lunch of our enemy.” A cliché was born.

Eating the enemy’s lunch requires solving problems and overcoming challenges in ways more familiar with business acumen. One example of how the ministry accomplishes this is its response to the universal shortage of school counselors. We reshaped our Bible courses into a high-quality, spiritual school counselor training (chaplain) program that meets every academic requirement. The School Chaplain Program offers degrees in spiritual school counseling and school chaplaincy with international certification and accreditation.

Governments pay billions of dollars to provide public education for PK to 12th-grade students. Currently, Mission Generations leverages the massive public education network for the Gospel for just 10¢ a person! Ministry funding puts teams in the field, positioning them to use the very resources the left designed to indoctrinate children. Thus, the ministry delivers the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the hope of the Gospel for a dime.

Mission Generation is at the vanguard of Kingdom expansion by leveraging school faculties and facilities to the Glory of God thanks to our partners’ prayers and financial support.

How are you taking Jesus to the world?

“… Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever”. Daniel 12:3

We understand there are so many ways to promote Jesus. Nevertheless, Mission Generation (MG) offers you four ways to reinforce God’s presence in public schools.1) You can give your time, be a prayer partner, participate in MG’s current events, and become a school chaplain. Click here
2) You can connect us with schools wanting/needing spiritual counselors, people working in education, businesses that want to give back in a meaningful manner to their communities, ministries working in schools, and friends and family interested in reaching the lost. Click here
3) You can share your knowledge with us, insight or information about what is happening in education in your community, articles for our blog, and live calls. Click here
4) You can donate and give financially towards the transformation schools need. Click here

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