Treasure, whether it is secret, buried or deposited in a bank is very revealing.  Your treasure reveals where your heart and allegiance lie.  Jesus explained in Luke 12:34 that locating our treasure or the things we value above all else will reveal the condition of our heart. 

Can you make a list of your treasures?  Perhaps your family, your career or your house are all on the top of that list.  Most believers would be careful to put “God” on the first line of their treasure list.  God is able to read the real list that abides in your heart, so He knows exactly what you treasure and value and where He ranks.  A strong indication of your heart is your actions.  How much time is given to God?  How much of the resources God has given to you are being used in Godly pursuits?  The value of most things in life can be assessed by their relationship to our time and money, and God is no different.  How much of our discretionary time and money goes toward God and His kingdom?  The answer to that question can be startling, but each believer should honestly answer it so as to evaluate their maturity and discuss their personal growth and mission with the Lord.

Giving is another strong index of spiritual condition.  Giving is the nature of God and the closer we walk with Him, the more our giving will reflect that relationship.  Giving comes from the spirit, not the flesh, and there can often be a struggle between our spirit and our flesh concerning giving.  A well-fed spirit will always triumph, sowing the nature of the Father of our spirits.  To treasure your giving is to have giving in your heart, in the center of your being.

A regular evaluation of your treasure should be standard practice for all believers.  If giving is one of your treasures, you give without strings, knowing that it not only helps people in this world, but it delights the heart of your Heavenly Father.  Make your treasure list and be honest in your evaluation.  Be quick to change the rankings if you need to.  That is how we all grow to be more and more like Jesus.

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