About us

Thanks to our partners the international school chaplain program continues to expand on all fronts. Chaplaincy has proven to dissipate tension, resolve conflict and bring hope. This makes schools safer for the children they serve. Success overseas has privileged us with a new challenge… The opportunity to place Chaplains in the U.S. school system!

Schools in America have become more about indoctrination than education. Reading, writing and arithmetic have taken a back seat to woke culture. As a result, our nation’s education outcomes have dropped to the bottom of the industrialized world. At its very core, the goal of anti-American ideology is the destruction of our faith, the heart of our liberty and the essence of American exceptionalism.

Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the school room in one Generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” For the sake of our children and our country, as a people, we must return to our Christian Judeo values. Chaplaincy is the perfect vehicle because the courts have constantly upheld its constitutionality.

Please believe with us that the Lord of the Harvest opens supernatural doors to provide chaplains to U.S. schools.

What We Do

We support schools in their mission to empower students and teachers that are navigating the real life issues of today’s world. Our Chaplaincy program has proven in 23 nations to strongly affect drug and alcohol use and also lower the dropout and teen pregnancies rate. Schools that have used our program, for more than two years are reporting zero suicides.


We invite teachers, counselors, parents and leaders to become CHAPLAINS through online training. This training facilitates our strategy for impacting the lives of students.


We equip and train teachers, counselors, parents and other leaders through online courses to qualify as school chaplains.


Our chaplains become every day voices in schools through their presence. We are able to alter the optics of students by providing a vision of hope and a future.