How we partner with you to tell the
world about Jesus.



We invite people
involved in education.

We actively target individuals in education by word of mouth in new districts and nations around the world. We invite them to participate in the online training programs. Thousands are responding and signing up for the programs which are extended at no cost, to facilitate our strategy of reaching the students with the Gospel.


Then, we
train them.

We equip and train teachers, counselors, parents, or church members through two 128-hour courses given online to be qualify as school chaplains. Those who pass the courses and fulfill the requirements receive a Post Baccalaureate diploma that certifies them as spiritual school counselors or chaplains that is acknowledged by teacher unions, school boards, and other institutions.


Then, they spread
the Good News.

Schools assign chaplains designated rooms for counseling and prayer to minister to students, school staff, and parents. The chaplains and counselors spread the word of God one on one as well as in group settings.

We continue to influence those in education until the saving grace of Jesus becomes
well-known and students develop
a personal relationship with Him


Children between the ages of 4 and 14 represent the largest unreached people group in the world today. There were just about 1.98 billion children between the ages of 0 and 14 worldwide in 2020. This surpasses the categories most mission organizations focus on (nation, religion, location, etc.) because all of those categories have young children.

According to Barna research, 85% of the world’s Christians are made up of people who chose Jesus when they were between 4 and 14 years old. Research shows that if you wish to have significant influence on the development of a person’s moral and spiritual foundations, you had better exert that influence while the person is still open-minded and impressionable. In other words, while the person is still young.

With over 1.9 billion children under the age of 14 in the world, the need has never been so great.

The huge issue with child evangelism is access. School age children are righteously protected as societies’ most vulnerable. Schools are traditionally closed to the gospel and only a very small percentage of 4 to 14-year-old children attend church. The question then becomes, how do we reach this critical segment of society with the Gospel?

Mission Generation’s strategy is to offer such high-quality programs to schools that add so much value that even a Communist or Atheist administration cannot say no. These high-quality programs, of course, deliver the unfiltered Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The School Chaplain Program is such a program. It supplies a massive need for spiritual school counselors. Once in school, the message of faith, love and hope reaches the entire society.

It is the almost 2 billion children worldwide in the 4 – 14 Window that we give our energy and attention to impacting for Christ.


Within the last year, Mission Generation
has celebrated the following victories:

More than 9.5+ million
individuals discipled

People estimated to have been reached by the Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselors or school chaplains.

More than

People who viewed Mission Generation’s webinar training programs. The number of shares is not included.

22 countries

Countries that certified Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselor or school chaplain.

Over 7100

Number of schools in which Mission Generation’s spiritual school counselors or school chaplains operate.

.10 cents
per disciple

What it costs to reach and disciple one person
through a Mission Generation’s spiritual
school counselor or school chaplain.