Rocky Malloy

Mr. Malloy is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Mission Generation with headquarters in Bolivia, Panama, and the United States. As missionaries Rocky and his wife Joske have lived and worked in Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, and Panama. Currently, Rocky and his family reside in the United States. After serving as a U.S. Merchant Marine officer, Rocky worked with Horizon Christian Fellowship, a church in San Diego, CA. In 1989 Rocky went to Honduras as a missionary and humanitarian aid worker during the Sandinista Contra Conflict. He later joined the staff at Abundant Life Church and School of Ministries in La Marque, TX. Then he moved to Bolivia, where he and Joske established River of Life Church in Santa Cruz and subsequently founded Mission Generation. Rocky expanded the ministry to Chile and Panama and finally relocated to the USA. Mr. Malloy is a native of North Carolina, a published author, and a proud father of five children.